the only lesson I need

  • english is not their first language: Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
  • english is their first language: hte fuckign


when u accidentally hurt ur friends feelings and they insist that its fine but u know it isnt


Malia Tate  + 4.07 Weaponized



remember when zack and cody entered a parallel universe

and london was smart


and maddie was dumb


and esteban was a woman


so basically they were their stereotypes

Marco, ” What you do with your mouth”? 

↳Inspired by Pierre’s instagram [x]

I: What is a rumor you would like to spread about yourselves around the world?

Lauren: That I could hypnotize people with my eyes! 

get to know me meme → [2/15] current celebrity crushes: camila cabello

"What gets me really excited is that this fandom and us girls, we’re growing up together. […] I see this year like a movie montage in my head and I see happy tears and laughter and nervous breakdowns and lights and posters and all your beautiful faces. As much as you guys say we’ve changed your lives and helped you, you will never quite know just how much you’ve helped me. So much has happened in just a year. What will happen next year? Who knows? But what I do know is you and us are gonna kick butt together. Let’s make it a good one. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. Love you always, Camila Cabello.”